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Products ship for free if the whole order is over $300. Below this, we charge $18 plus any additional shipping costs. Although we try and avoid split shipment, some items may be sent from a different location and therefore you may receive your order at different times.


If you’re planning to sell online then please only sell via your own website. Our products should not be sold on other sites such as Amazon, Ebay or Etsy without strict permission from Loveemabunch. If you’re an online-only company then we will request further information from you before approving your account. If you are selling our products online then please match our RRP. You agree that you are purchasing these products for personal use/gifts only and may not sell these products for profit. Please do not copy designs!

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Thanks for considering our products for your store!  


The following outlines our terms and policies for setting up a retail account. If you are a new account, please provide us with your resale license number and store website address. We require a credit card or Paypal pre-payment for all first orders. Late payments are subject to a 2% monthly compounded fee. Minimum order is $200, and $150 for reorders. A shipping and handling charge will be added after the order is taken, according to the size of the order. We ship each order within 10-15 business days of the time of order unless otherwise specified. Products damaged during shipping must be reported and returned to us within 20 days of receipt of the shipment. Prices are subject to change without notice. By purchasing from Loveemabunch, the customer accepts the above terms and conditions. In order to download an order sheet, we need to verify that you are a retailer. Email us along with your wholesale number at and we'll whisper the top-secret password to you.


Placing your order with us couldn't be easier! You can place your order through our website or via email. Once received, we'll confirm your order, check stock is a-ok and send your order through to our warehouse to be picked. 

We understand that occasionally you may wish to add or change your order once it's been placed and where possible we will try to accommodate this. If you use a freight forwarder or require us to confirm weights and dimensions for your order to obtain a shipping quote, we kindly state that no changes can be made to your order 24 hours after your order is placed as our warehouse cannot facilitate changes once the order is packed.


All orders are proforma and will be released once full payment has been received. Your invoice will provide you with all the information you need for making payment to us. Please kindly note prices are valid for two weeks from invoice date. After two weeks, prices are subject to change and reserved stock will be made available to other customers. The customer is responsible for all shipping and customs charges. Please kindly note we do not accept cheques.  Our prices are in USD and payments for orders must be in USD.- Credit / Debit Cards- PAYPAL

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